Booking Terms and Conditions

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These are our terms and conditions to ensure our work together is beneficial to all concerned; our aim is to establish a friendly working arrangement between Club leader(s) and WAY Activity Workers.

You will

  • Meet and greet and offer refreshments.
  • Ensure that an appropriate space is available and ready for the activity delivery.
  • Explain any approach to behaviour management by yourself to support delivery.
  • Support the activity worker where necessary or when requested. Activity Workers should not work alone in separate rooms i.e. a kitchen or outside whilst delivering an activity. A member of your staff team should be with them at all times.
  • Identify any special needs of young people.
  • Encourage a group to take part within our targeted age range of 11 – 16 years.
  • Make clear any relevant policies to Way workers e.g. photography.
  • Liaise over any last minute changes in programme or booking.
  • Offer feedback of session and any suggestions for future.
  • Sign off activity workers sheet.
  • Speak with the office should any concerns arise e.g. activity workers non attendance.
  • Please allow 24 hours notice for cancelled bookings. A session fee of A?50 will be charged for a cancelled session that is less than 24 hours because Way pays activity workers when less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is received.

We will

  • Activity Workers will arrive, introduce themselves with an id badge and let you know their plans for the session.
  • Liaise beforehand if necessary.
  • Arrive in good time (if for some reason you are let down, please let us know).
  • Introduce self to staff and young people.
  • Tidy up afterwards.
  • Inform staff of any issues on the spot.
  • Work to current safeguarding good practice.
  • Do an outstandingly good job.
  • Present a signing in sheet and evaluation form for your signature.
  • Provide a quality assurance evaluator.
  • If we have to cancel a session for any reason, we will try to ensure you receive adequate notice and if possible offer an alternative activity.
  • Speak with the you should any concerns arise.
  • Ensure staff (paid or unpaid) are recruited using safe recruitment processes.
  • Ensure staff are trained where necessary.
  • Give you contact details of Activity Workers.