Activities & event suggestions

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Block booking for a series of sessions: We really encourage Youth groups to book for a series of sessions up to or just short of an academic term. This enables young people to build a relationship with an Activity Worker giving them greater say in how sessions develop to meet their individual and group needs. WAY Ahead Short Course can also be attached to the programme enabling young people to set their own challenge(s) that they would like to work on over a particular project and receive a Certificate of Achievement on completion.

Previous block bookings have included:

An Activity Worker specialising in music production working with a group of young people to write their own lyrics, design their own backing beats, microphone use and performance and record and produce own piece of music.

An Activity Worker specialising in drama or dance working with a group of young people on a chosen theme exploring the issues that enable ideas to grow into a play or performance.

An Activity Worker specialising in Arts & Craft working with a group of young people to design and create a wall mural or banner for their youth club.

An Activity Worker specialising in cookery working with young people to develop their culinary skills over sessions, enabling them to consider each weeks dish working within the confines of a budget and the kitchen space they have at their youth club. Or previous projects have included a “Come dine with me” themed event and pop up restaurant for parents or friends to enjoy a 3 course meal.

An Activity Worker specialising in Aromatherapy working with a group of young people exploring the use and variety of essential oils, learning how to apply through hand massage techniques and creating gifts for Mothers Day, Christmas or a club fundraising event.

Themed Events You can book a few Activity Workers for a one off themed event. Examples in the past have included:

Halloween Night: Theatrical Make up from one of our Make Artists. An Arts worker with a spooky themed craft activity and/or a similarly themed cooking activity. Dance, learn a few moves from Michael Jacksons Thriller.

Girls only Pampering Session: Massage techniques Nail Art and beauty treatments Yoga and relaxation

Get Active: Multi Sports Coach delivering games, Dance Worker delivering street dance or Team Building Games offering fun and learning There are so many activities that can work in combination with each other; themed events work really well if you have a large group of young people that can be split into smaller groups and rotated around each activity. To discuss any ideas for such an event please get in touch!

Show or Performance

If a group of young people would like to put on a show or performance of some kind, then over a series of 6 weeks, a team of Activity Workers could help them to plan, prepare and deliver. We have craft workers that can help with set and prop design, a textile worker that can help with costumes, dance and drama workers to co-ordinate the show and a make up artist for the evenings show. Please get in touch and we can discuss how we co-ordinate the Activity Workers to attend different youth club sessions and guide young people towards creating their own show.