Lifeskills Sessions

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Ann Nicholls

Detached team

Ann is an AET trainer, NLP Practitioner and is an experienced group worker and trainer in various issues affecting young people. Sessions are delivered with fun resources to help engage the enthusiasm and interest of those joining them. Well worth booking up for your club night whether you feel your group members are at risk or not; its healthy, fact informed debate with a fun twist. Bespoke courses can be delivered to meet the issues arising with young people at your club.

Alcohol Awareness Information on drinking and how it can affect peoples lives young people can also try out the beer goggles to see how it feels to be drunk.

Drugs Awareness Information about drugs. Young people can look at the drugs box and learn how to identify them with information about the dangers of taking drugs, including legal highs.

Consequences Sessions Although targeted at young people who are at risk of or involved in anti-social behaviour or criminal damage, these sessions are valuable to all young people as they look at and debate the consequences of individual’s behaviour.
Healthy Relationships A basic awareness course looking at Positive Relationships with young people by discussing issues around domestic abuse, CSE, best delivered over more than one session.
Emotional Wellbeing This session or sessions are about enabling young people to manage difficult emotions, how build self esteem and confidence.

Delivery: Sessions can be delivered as one off activities or a series of sessions. Tailored projects on request.

Numbers of Young People: There is no minimum or maximum numbers for these sessions.
Delivery Requirements: Appropriate space to enable discussion work.
Availability Autumn Term 4th September until 19th December 2017
Monday to Sunday
Evenings: Monday to Sunday