Martial Arts & Dodgeball

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Brian Williams

UK and World Dodgeball
Young people can participate in the Governing Bodys versions of Dodgeball yes, Dodgeball is a recognised sport!

Self Defence and Martial Arts
Young people can learn to defend themselves using fundamental techniques and environmental awareness training.

Lifesaving and first aid skills
Young people can learn to save lives, using the help of bystanders and the surrounding environment, and learn how to handle a 999 telephone call.

CV and job interview techniques
Young people will learn the strategies and tips to help them get recognised when applying for a job.

Delivery:One-off activity or series or workshops
Maximum number young people:16 for Dodgeball and interview skills; 12 for martial arts and lifesa ing.
Delivery Requirements: Hall or large space
Availability Autumn Term 4th September until 19th December 2017
Weekday evenings:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Weekends: Evenings only on weekends