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Millie WatkinsMillie Watkins
Fitness and Sport

Through working at a gym, I have devised circuits suitable for all abilities making it enjoyable and a great way to focus an individual whilst getting fitter. A circuit allows individuals to push themselves and advice can also be given, if fitness training is an interest.

Creating a positive team environment and enjoyment through the use of sport are the main aims, this will be done through a delivery which allows everyone to get involved, with no limitations on ability, confidence or technique. The session could include multi-skills, netball, or umpiring (netball).


Imagination of an end product is key. Upcycling furniture, objects and clothing to create a more desired piece, using materials, paints and anything else they may find. This will help towards team work and quick thinking to produce something to be proud of.

Canvas work using sewing techniques, paints and other 3D objects to bring it to life and express emotion.

Delivery: Can be delivered as one off activity or series or workshops
Maximum number young people: 24- Fitness/Sport 12-Craft/Textiles
Delivery Requirements: Hall or large space, sports balls and bibs if accessible
Availability Autumn Term 4th September until 19th December 2017
Weekday evenings:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Weekends: Occasional