Explore and Create Sessions

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Explore Cookery Create a Themed Treat for a Special Occasion Use basic cookery techniques to produce a tasty seasonal treat.

Explore Pop Art  Create a Pop Art Selfie Make a pop art selfie. Use an eraser to print coloured dots onto a traced image.

Explore Clay Create a Tile for Printing Make a ceramic tile. Create a design on the surface so that the tile can be used for printing. Use paint, ink and glue to produce a print on either paper or fabric.

Explore Collage  Create an Upcycled Image Make a collage from recycled imagery. Select, assemble and glue bits of magazines, newspapers, photographs, coloured paper and found objects to create a new art form.

Explore Journaling  Create a Personal Art Book Make an individual art journal. Using paints and glues, transform an old, unwanted book into a blank canvas that can be used to collect thoughts, ideas and memories.

Explore Floristry Create a Seasonal Wreath Make a seasonal wreath. Use basic floristry techniques to transform foliage, found and recycled materials into a decorative wreath.

Explore Drawing Create a Unique Still Life Produce an original and distinctive picture. Select, assemble and compose a still life using objects personal to the individual.

Explore Stained Glass Create a Decorative Ornament Make a wind chime or decorative panel, use basic stained glass techniques to create an original gift or ornament.

Delivery: Each Explore and Create session can be delivered as a one-off activity or as a series of workshops. In addition, different Explore and Create sessions can be delivered in combination as a series of workshops.
Maximum number of young people: Depends on the session and the needs and age of the young people.
Delivery requirements: Tables, chairs and running water.
Availability Autumn Term 4th September until 19th December 2017
Weekday evenings:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday