Dance & Fitness Circuits

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Amber Cox

Amber Cox

Street Dance & Contemporary

I am able to deliver a session in either contemporary or street dance style, giving insight into the dance style by learning something new and above all getting involved, no matter what level or experience the group have. All sessions include an introductory to the dance style, warm up, teaching the choreography and performing it as a group. Young people will be encouraged to design the movements and make it their own, enabling creativity, individuality and building up their confidence.

Fitness circuits

This includes a variety of fitness circuits put together to improve stamina and fitness levels. There is no required level of experience needed as it is a gradual process. The circuits can be completed by the whole group split into small groups tasked to complete the same or different circuits. The activities consist of short runs, activities using cones, paired fitness tasks, and more. All sessions include a warm up and cool down.

Amber DanceDelivery: can be delivered as one off activity or series or workshops.

Maximum number young people: 18

Delivery Requirements: Some equipment can be provided, however may require things such as mats, cones depending on activity. Also require hall/ dance space.

Availability Autumn Term 4th September until 21st December 2018

Weekday evenings: Monday and Thursday

Weekends: Occasional