Childcare & Cookery

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Louise Wyattlouise-wyatt


Providing a range of appropriate play activities for children- this would include making story sacks for childrens books. Making games for small children to help enhance development.

  • Understand about child development.
  • Encouraging children to eat healthy- how to make interesting meals for children.
  • How to care for babies and children- how to bath a baby, how to making bottles for babies, how to change a nappy.


  • How to make delicious homemade meals on a budget.louise-wyatt-soup
  • How to make seasonal soup and home-made bread.
  • How to make simple home-made, healthy snacks.

Delivery: Can be delivered as a one off or series of workshops
Maximum number young people: 10
Delivery requirements: Running water, a cosy room, seats and tables, kitchen
Availability Autumn Term 4th September until 19th December 2017
Weekdays: Thursday and Friday
Weekends: Saturday and Sunday