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Claire Hilton

Collage/Mixed media 2D artwork (reusing and recycling paper and magazines) can be generalised work or focused around self-esteem and confidence building e.g What am I good at:

  • Air drying Clay pinch pots or animals (preference over two sessions to allow decorating time once dry)
  • Monochrome work (chalk and charcoal on white and black paper)
  • Natural objects (such as shells, bark and wool) – still life drawing or creative response work
  • Printing with Fruit and Veg
  • Paper cutting in the style of Matisse
  • Abstract Portraits in the style of Picasso
  • Notan (symmetrical paper cutting focussed on light and dark contrast
  • Fidget Spinners (drying time required)
  • Postcard Art/Artist cards (4.1 x5.8 2.5 x3.5)
  • Art Abandonment community project (suggested 2/4 sessions)

Activities and sessions can be designed or modified to suit your requirements. I am also available to run non-directive sessions with materials if this would be suitable. Seasonal activities such as card making and Easter.

Delivery: can be delivered as one off activity or series or workshops.
Maximum number young people: 8 at one time (can swap over if needed)

Delivery Requirements: Running Water (ideally), drying space for work if possible, Tables, chairs and table covers is preferable. Many sessions have accompanying Youtube tutorials that can be used if the facility is available. Templates and examples will be supplied.
Availability Autumn Term 4th September until 19th December 2017
Weekday evenings:
Alternate Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays (occasional Wednesdays)